Collider music video premiered on VEVO for X Ambassadors featuring legend Tom Morello. Produced by Matthew Newton, DP Seamus Mulligan Ferry.

The video is also part of the ESPN campaign for college football.  


It is the summer between high school and college, four friends play truth or dare around a fire. DOG examines those human impulses that everyone has, but no one like to talks about. How well do you know your best friend? Produced by Tess Harrison and Sam Harris, DP Cale Nichols.


Things Break In

Thins Break In is a love story set in the 1940s. The men are at war so Ida and Rosa help out on Mr. Madison's farm to support their families. The freedom they find in their work provides a space for love to blossom. Produced by Tess Harrison, DP Seamus Mulligan Ferry. 


A collaboration with Serena Reynolds, written by and featuring Tess Harrison. This silent micro short, is about a woman who falls in love with someone or something who doesn't love her back, and what happens when she can't let them go. Shot at Joshua Tree in May, 2016 the film is currently in post production.  Produced by Tess Harrison and Serena Reynolds, DP Serena Reynolds. 

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Happy Vacation

A collaboration with Colby Day The Pool is a short thriller about two girldfriends who rent a haunted Air BnB for a weekend get trapped in the pool. Shot on the iPhone 6S with the Moondog lens and GoPro. Produced by Tess Harrison and Colby Day, DP Cale Nichols. 


It's Perfect Here

A brother and sister spend a beautiful day on a lake together, getting to know each other in the spaces between childhood and adulthood. 

It's Perfect Here won the Best Narrative Short Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival, a Best Shorts Award of Merit and screened at Cinema At The Edge, LA Femme Film Festival, Knoxville Film Festival, Santa Monica International Film Festival and had it's international premiere at Raindance in London. Produced by Tess Harrison, Maria Wilson and Hannah Whitney, DP Seamus Mulligan Ferry.