It's Perfect Here received the juried award of Best Narrative Short at the Napa Valley Film Festival. Tess participated in a panel, "Women Behind the Camera," alongside Elise Pearlstein, Jessie Nolan, and Gren Wells, moderated by Lissa Gibbs. 

Raindance International Premiere It's Perfect Here screened before Stevan Filipovic's Next to Me.



It's Perfect Here was shot in August 2014 on a lake in the Adirondacks. Tess Harrison, It's Perfect Here, Hannah Whitney, Dummy, Baby, and Maria Wilson Venefica produced three short films in a week on location in the Adirondacks. Each film was made with a $1000 budget. We shared DP, Seamus Mulligan Ferry, camera and DIT support (and editor of It's Perfect Here), Matthew Newton, sound team, Nick Heppding and Shane C Jensen.

Production Photos


I grew up upstate, in Ithaca NY and much of my childhood was spent on our sail boat on Cayuga Lake. The aesthetic and sentimental inspiration for this project comes from that part of me. The film explored the relationship between a brother and sister. They flounder in the space between childhood and adulthood, not sure how to handle each other. I wanted to share the familiar yet strange moments between knowing a sibling as a child, and meeting them as an adult. I used myself and my actual brother to play these character which allowed us to create an honest, universal scene.